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Good speech matters

The development and use of communication and language are at the heart of a Childs learning. Correct Speech and Drama training is enjoyable and rewarding for all: if the training is carried out through quality examination boards, which provide a framework for learning with achievable and measurable goals at each stage of the process.

Examinations through accredited boards provide an opportunity to communicate in a clear and focused speaking voice; to perform using a wide range of performance technique and develop skills for life.

Gradually there has been a swing to the realisation that good speech matters.

There was a time when we all spoke with a local accents, some well others poorly, but in recent years speech patterns with incorrect sounds (including cut glass and posh) have become popular. When parents ask me whether I teach elocution I say no. I try to help pupils to be expressive and clear and to convey their own personality (and accent) –not an imitation of someone else-. I also train people for drama auditions and more frequently work with third level students who are preparing to deliver their dissertations. People sometimes ask me what I understand by a good voice: Quite simply it has to be audible and distinct, so it must be projected and the articulation must be firm. It should be expressive and reflect a speaker’s own personality and it should have a balanced resonance with light and shade which will involve a flexible use of pitch and knowledge of emphasis. Young people in particular, gain enormous confidence and satisfaction from knowing that they understand and can use those skills.

Ailbhe Garvey-Hughes, Principal